Stock to Order by Supplier - Linnworks Query Data Script

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Stock to Order by Supplier - Linnworks Query Data Script

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DETAILS: Are you a Linnworks.net user and spending too much time working out what to order from your suppliers? Or perhaps you need a CSV to upload to your Suppliers' site to speed-up your ordering process? Do you wish the Linnworks.net built-in ordering system accounted for stock you've already ordered and is Due in? This is the script for you!

HOW IT WORKS: We've developed a custom query script that:

  • Lets you select the Supplier and Location to run the script on
  • Checks your Minimum Stock Level
  • Accounts for stock you hold as well as stock you have ordered and is due in (Linnworks doesn't do this part by default, and it's crucial!)
  • Tells you how much additional stock you need to order for each SKU to meet your Min Levels
  • Exports the data to a CSV

DATA FIELDS: The data exported by the script is:

ItemNumber, ItemTitle, Location, SupplierName, SupplierCode, Quantity, MinimumLevel, InOrderBook, Available, OnOrder, Needed, KnownPurchasePrice 

In other words, everything you need to place your supplier orders.

SUMMARY: This is a custom Linnworks.net script you can add to your account via the Query Data tool. Installation instructions are included. This script can also be automated in Linnworks.net to export the CSV for automatic import via Zapier or your Suppliers' own system, for example.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: To get this script custom-written for you alone would cost way more than we are selling it for here. We guarantee your satisfaction with this script, and if you need it tweaked (such as adding fields, etc.) just let us know.

I want this!

You'll get a ZIP file containing the Script and full Installation instructions.

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